Real Estate

We sell single-tenant and multi-tenant retail investment properties. Commercial Investment Advisors strives to provide streamlined closings as well as relevant news and information for informed buyers and brokers.

If you are looking to buy or trade into another investment property please use the Search for Available Properties feature.

We pride ourselves on our ability to retain a long-term perspective with our clients by catering to the needs of those individuals looking to purchase properties for their own portfolios.

Commercial Investment Advisors stresses networking amongst Brokers to promote the exchange of buyer and seller needs locally, regionally and nationally. In an industry where most companies try to do “both sides” of the deal in-house, Commercial Investment Advisors maintains the unique view that the true value of a property can only be attained by marketing properties to the entire community of brokers and investors. We offer several traditional and exclusive programs to market to internal advisors, outside brokerage firms, independent brokers, and investors.

Broker Marketing

Comprehensive Database: Commercial Investment Advisors’ database gives our Advisors access to external brokers across the nation, allowing them to share their listings with the brokerage community through property postcards, electronic postcards and email. Commercial Investment Advisors database is also used to announce upcoming Investor Forums.

Internet Marketing: Commercial Investment Advisors offers email campaigns, electronic brochures, property websites and online documentation to aid our Advisors in marketing to outside brokers and investors.

Investor Marketing

Investor Forums: Commercial Investment Advisors’ Forums give our Advisors and investors an opportunity to keep informed of the latest market trends and events, attend educational presentations by industry experts, and help facilitate Advisor-Client relationships.

Web Exposure: All Commercial Investment Advisors properties are available for viewing on our website at and the company Intranet. Commercial Investment Advisors properties are also listed on multiple commonly used online sources of acquiring listing and available property information.

Weekly Newspaper Advertisements: Weekly advertisements are placed in the Wall Street Journal as well as local newspapers and trade publications to promote property listings.

Professional Designations



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